Treat yourself to a massage that targets your specific needs during pregnancy

Pregnancy Massage - Massotherapy Zeina Raya

The pregnancy massage is a specialized massage that targets the specific needs of the expectant mother as her body experiences important changes. Both relaxing and therapeutic, the prenatal massage is a natural health-giving treatment. It helps to decrease back pain significantly, belly and leg heaviness and brings a deep feeling of relaxation.  The specific techniques used are safe and fit the different stages of pregnancy. 
For your greater comfort, the equipment of the Zeina Raya’s Clinic is especially designed for pregnant women. 


Health benefits of a prenatal massage

•Decreases lumbar pains

•Stimulates and improves blood and lymphatic circulation

•Decreases leg heaviness, swelling and pain

•Decreases neck and shoulder pain

•Decreases muscle cramps

•Relaxes the whole body

•Improves energy level

•Helps to improve posture

•Helps to regain a restorative sleep

•Belly massage: decrease the heaviness and pains in the lower belly