An energizing and detoxifying massage helps boost your energy

Energy - Detoxicating Massage - Massotherapy Zeina Raya

In tough times, overworking produces toxins that the body finds sometimes difficult to manage and that end up clogging it. Fatigue then sets in and recovery is even more difficult. Desintoxication may then be helpful to strengthen the body’s natural defence mechanisms and regain energy. The massage is one of the most effective manual therapy methods to drain the toxins and fortify the immune system. It stimulates the lymphatic system mostly responsible for toxin elimination and the production of white blood cells. 

For a deep detoxication and a boost of energy, the results are all the more impressive when the detoxicating massage is combined with a naturopathy cure (overall health check-up, assessment of eating habits and prescription of a cure based on the desired objectives). 


Health benefits of a detoxicating massage

•Improves energy and vitality

•Flushes toxins and purifies the body

•Efficient against overall fatigue and/or exhaustion

•Stimulates the immune system

•Decreases inflammation

•Increases the body recovery capacity

•Improves body oxygenation

•Regulates digestive system functions

•Tones muscles