The benefits of a face and head massage

Face and Head Massage - Massotherapy Zeina Raya

Inspired by the Indian tradition, the face and head massage can be very beneficial. Its slow manoeuvres done on the scalp and the face combined with the benign action of essential oils allow us to immerse ourselves in a deep relaxation. 
Moreover, this massage is very efficient in relieving migraine and jaw pain. A moment of pure relaxation and serenity! 

If used with aromatherapy, the chosen essential oils may increase effect of well-being or pain relief. 


A face and head massage is known to

•Relieve migraines

•Reduce stress effects on the body quickly and efficiently

•Help achieve a more restorative sleep

•Decrease head tension

•Decrease jaw tension and pain

•Reduce blood pressure

•Improve blood circulation to the brain