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Services offered


Massage therapy

For back pain, tension or muscular injury, massage therapy is used to relieve and prevent muscle and joint pain. Massage therapy is increasingly used as a paramedical treatment for its quick relief.

naturopathic practice

Naturopathic practice is a complete alternative medicine that will help you achieve your goals and be in the best health possible. The naturopath uses simple and natural treatment methods that are not harmful to your health. 

Nutrition advice

Diet is one of the most important factors to consider when getting in shape and in the best health possible. Although a healthy diet contributes to overall good health, it can be adjusted to satisfy particular needs.


reiki healing therapy                             

Reiki helps to harmonize and balance the body's energy centers, releasing tension, physical and emotional blockages; leaving you revitalized and deeply relaxed. Reiki gives you a feeling of inner peace..

crystal healing therapy

Since ancient times, crystals have been used worldwide to improve mood and restore balance in the body and mind. Today, alternative medicine maintains that the art of crystal healing move into the mainstream.


Former hockey player Georges Laraque, a supporter of natural medicine: ''My naturopathic program helped me lose 70 pounds. Thank-you Zeina Raya for your nutritional advise. I recommend her program which is the best...''