How does natural medecine improve your health and your wellbeing ?

Naturopath - Zeina Raya's naturopathic practice

Naturopathy or natural medecine has very simple principles that follow natural logic. First, it is important to understand what illness is. Have you ever asked yourself why, in a very same family or when exposed to the same virus, some become sick and others do not? 

In fact, the illness is just the final outcome of an imbalance in our body. This imbalance, depending on our background and lifestyle, can take years before manifesting itself into evident symptoms that we call “disease”. An imbalance may appear at the physical, mental or emotional level and, in many cases, may also affect the other levels since they are all connected. 

Symptoms of disease that we all know (fever, cough, inflammation, diarrhea, etc.) are, in fact, attempts made by our body to recover this natural balance by its own means. For example, fever helps to activate the metabolism that allows the immune system to fight faster and more efficiently against pathogens (germs). For its part, diarrhea helps to violently evacuate any intoxication or virus attacking our body. Inflammation is nothing more than a reunion of antibodies in a given part of the body attempting to resolve a problem. When taking medication to suppress symptoms, we often slow down our own recovery because, in doing so, we hinder the natural healing process of our body. Instead of going against the body’s efforts that constantly work to restore this balance, naturopathy works together with it, strengthening it by natural means and helping it getting rid of wastes. 

Here are the basic principles of this medicine

1- First, do not be detrimental

Symptoms of a disease are the outward signs of our body’s natural healing process that tries to restore health. Therefore, their suppression pure and simple may be more detrimental than beneficial. Naturopathic interventions are complementary and synergic of this natural healing process. 

2- Nature has its own healing power

The body has an innate capacity to establish, restore and maintain health. The natural healing process is intelligent and organized. The role of the naturopath is to facilitate this process by discovering and eliminating the obstacles that impede it. 

3- Identify and treat the root of the problem

Illness is the result of a body imbalance that needs first and foremost to be identified. The naturopath looks for what is causing the illness instead of trying to suppress its symptoms. The natural balance recovery can be achieved only by treating the causes responsible for this imbalance. 

4- Holistic approach: treating the person as a complete entity

An important step towards health remains being able to understand the different aspects or our lives that can affect our well-being. Because illness is the result of the complex interactions between the physical, mental and emotional levels, it is necessary to maintain harmony between them in order to restore health. 

5- How to take charge of one’s health

The naturopath will guide you on the way to healing and will teach you how to take charge of your health in a natural way. She will show you the basic principles to strengthen your body’s self-healing natural mechanisms. You will learn how to identify the different aspects of your life that can affect your well-being. You will also learn how to eat health food according to your needs in order to build up an optimal health. Finally, we will teach you prevention measures to avoid resorting to medications or surgery. 

6- Focus on prevention

Last but not least, prevention is the best cure. The naturopath promotes a healthy lifestyle to reduce the risks of becoming sick. Good health practices have a direct impact on our well-being.