Why consult a naturopath?

Benefits of consulting a Naturopath - Zeina Raya's naturopathic practice

Natural medicine counselling has the advantage of offering a personalized approach based on a comprehensive need and fitness analysis. Desired results are thus achieved more quickly and safely. A fitness program that is effective for one person will not necessarily work for someone else. Each person has its physiognomy, metabolism, lifestyle and genetic background. Moreover, the causes of the same health problem may vary from one person to the other. For example, one may have gained weight because of a lack of exercise or because of an indulgence in junk food; someone else, because of hormonal or digestive problems and a third, because of stress. The solution to one problem is, in this case, different for each individual who is, in fact, unique. 

By doing a complete health assessment (health problems, medical history) including lifestyle (diet, physical exercises, stress, work…), it is possible to define the real causes of your discomfort. No matter what your goal is, I work together with you to find effective solutions and facilitate your healthy transition. Depending on your needs, your counselling may include nutrition advice, an individual exercise program, massotherapy, phytotherapy and/or aromatherapy.