Why seek nutritional help?

Nutrition - Zeina Raya's naturopathic practice

Diet is one of the most important factors to consider when getting in shape and in the best health possible. Although a healthy diet contributes to overall good health, it can be adjusted to satisfy particular needs and can be divided in different categories: sport nutrition; pregnancy nutrition; weight loss nutrition and vegetarian nutrition. 

"The nutrition advice provided during a naturopathy consultation allows you to get a menu that is best suited to your needs, to reach your goals and your optimal shape!" 

Nutrition advice varies greatly according to the set goals. It is of course important to consider your health condition and illnesses (diabetes, hypertension, food intolerance or allergies, infection, digestive problems, etc.). 

Within the same diet category (sport, pregnancy, weight loss, vegetarian), one must not forget that each person has their own metabolism, i.e. different energy requirements. Your metabolism varies according to your genetic background, your level of physical activity, your gender and age. For example, some individuals have a carbo-oxydative metabolism, this means that they “burn” carbohydrates more efficiently than others. On the contrary, some individuals burn fats more efficiently (lipo-oxydative metabolism). According to your metabolism type, we will recommend to you certain types of food. However, many other factors affect your metabolism: your level of stress; your nervous system; your hormonal system; your intestinal functions as well as your medical history. Consulting a Naturapath helps you reach your goals more quickly and, in a healthy way, while taking into account your health condition and metabolism. 

Here are a few attainable goals that can be reached with proper nutrition

•Lose weight

•Boost energy levels

•Reduce stress

•Increase muscle mass

•Improve strength and endurance in sports

•Improve concentration

•Prevent and control headaches

•Prevent and control diabetes

•Prevent and control hypoglycemia

•Prevent and control cardiovascular diseases and hypertension

•Prevent and control osteoporosis

•Prevent and treat inflammatory diseases: arthritis, osteoarthritis, etc.

•Prevent and treat chronic infections : urinary tract infection, vaginal infection, etc.

•Improve intestinal transit

•Reduce digestion problems (bloating, heartburns, abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, gas, etc.)

•Better manage food intolerances (customized menu and advice)

•Better manage allergies (customized menu)

•Lactose-free menu

•Gluten-free menu (celiac disease)

•Vegetarian or vegan menu

•Healthy menus, recipes and snacks for the whole family (menus for people on the run or any budget)



How would you like to reach your goals? The quickest or the easiest way? Well, both ways are possible! 

1- For those of you who wants a quick change

 If you want to make a quick change and are ready to put forth the effort needed, many options are available to you. 

After establishing your medical history and your goals, we can recommend to you a cure or a personal menu based on your needs to reach your goals the quickest way possible. All the cures or diets that will be suggested to you are, of course, healthy ways that respect your health condition. To get optimal results, diet can also be combined with other approaches such as massotherapy, phytotherapy, exercise program, etc. To help you succeed, we ensure adequate follow-up that will allow us to adjust your diet, physical activities or treatment if necessary. 

Once you have reached your goals, we will plan together a healthy menu according to your tastes and habits. It will be easy to follow and continue and will hopefully become a way of life for you. 


2- For those of you who prefers a comfortable and gentle transition


 If you prefer to reach your goals without making drastic changes to your diet, don’t worry, it is possible. If you don’t like restrictive diets or know that the minute you finish a diet, you tend to return to your old habits and lose the benefits you just enjoyed, we have solutions for you. 

The gentle approach is also for you if food is a big part of your life. For example, if you have an emotional relationship with food, if it is a means of letting off steam or an outlet. 

Consultations will allow you to reach your goals while taking into consideration your tastes and your relationship with food. To help you make the transition towards health, we will choose a “step by step” method that respects your limits. 

After establishing your medical history and reviewing your current diet, we will focus on “the priorities”, what will have the greatest effect on your health and what will help you the most in achieving your goals. This process will prevent us from making too many changes to your current diet. Together, we will choose what aspects of your diet are the easiest to modify and which ones are the most difficult to change. A method proven to be very effective and that saves you from feeling deprived consists of “adjusting” your favorite dishes instead of limiting these. To help you succeed, a follow-up will allow us to review together what worked well and not so well in order to make the changes needed. 

Once you have reached your goals, we will help you maintain healthy eating habits while continuing to enjoy food!